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Babylon Media Announces Movie Sponsorship

Director Halkawt Mustafa and Babylon Media CEO Salwan Zaito signed a sponsorship agreement for the upcoming Kurdish movie "El Clasico." In a press conference held in Babylon Headquarters, details of the new partnership where announced, as Babylon Media will aid in the production and distribution of the movie about two dwarf mens love of the classic football match of Barcelona and Real Madrid. In the coference, Mr. Zaito told the press that he is excited about the project and "Babylon Media will use all of its force to back the movie and give it an international standard feeling to it." Director Mustafa thanked Babylon Media for the important sponsorship and said "this marks a special day for the Kurdistan cinema industry, and I can't be enough grateful for Babylon Media's help in the making of the movie."

  • 25,2015 January

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